Take a gap year and teach in a foreign country

Teach in Thailand

Visit Thailand and find a wonderful land full of breath-taking landscapes and frinedly and helpful people always keen to give a hand and welcome others.

Teaching English to children in a country who barely have English speakers will give them an oportunity to open to the world. Contact for TEFL courses.

Sea Side Village in Thailand
Giraffes on the Savannah in Kenya

Teach in Kenya

Kenya has the charm of an African country, offering you one of the best experiences you can think about. All type of excursions and activities are waiting for you.

Kids from Kenya will welcome you with open arms waiting to learn as much as they can get in their little heads.

Teach in Guatemala

Guatemala has a nature unique. In the heart of Center America, you will find a country full of culture and must-see places.

Guatemaltecos kids need to learn how good they and their land are and only you can open their eyes

Maya Piramid in Tikal, Guatemala

The Best Experience Ever

"Best experience of my life, I was in Thailand and the country is amazing, the children lovely, and the culture outstanding. No doubt I will repeat this experience"
James frederick