Who we are

We are voluntary-driven organization that intent to help communities of different countries by teaching English and offering activities where the children from different schools, educations and places are involved. By doing this, these communities grow up in a more cultural way that will represent an advantage when they have to make a living.

What we offer

Gap Year Teaching offers people the opportunity to travel unique and exciting places all over the world, experiencing feelings that one can only experience by giving their sense the pleasure being in these outstanding places, and with the good sensation of helping those who don’t have as much as privileges as you do.

What you can gain

This is a once in a life time experience, enriching and full of self-development. Get confidence and maturity by adapting in a totally new culture where none of its features are even close to your normal environment. Get over you fears and get out of the comfort zone which soon will be a place you don’t want to come back ever.

Don’t miss this opportunity check the places you always dreamt to go and start packing!