Teach in Kenya

Place of wildness and nature - Kenya

Kenya Restaurant in Sabana

Get lost in the inmensity of the African savannah in Kenya. Its wild nature offers you a possibility experience the adveture that Indiana Jones himself wouldn’t be able to say no. Traditional people and a culture that have lasted for centuries welcome you to the heart of Africa.

What to see in Kenya

The encounter with animals is one of the more attractive experience of Kenya. Lions, Elephants, Giraffes, Rhinos, find all of them in this exploring land full of surprises.

You will also meet native people from the tribes, learn about their culture and interact with them in activities.

Elephants in Kenya
Children from Kenya in School

Teaching culture in Kenya

Kenya is one of the country that need you the most, especially the Children. Education in this country is a luxury and you can provide them the oppotunity to have a better future. They will be more than thankful.

Playful and friendly, Kenyan children will make you feel like home and melt your heart.