Teach in Thailand

Visit the country of Temples - Thailand

Boat in Thai Beach

Full of culture, history and fun, Thailand release a vibe of positivity and comfortability that goes from its intense capital, Bangkok, with their markets, temples, canals and night life, until its heavenly islands and their beaches of blue transparent water, palm trees and breath taking sea life.

What to see in Thailand

Thailand is land that you never will finish discovering. The temples are one of the main attraction and they are all over the country. In this budist country, temples are indeed worth to see.

Beaches are another main factor to visit Thailand is beaches, white sand and water that is not visible when steady. Relax and spend the day in on of the tropical.

Budist Temple Thailand
Happy Thai Children in School

Teaching culture in Thailand

Thai culture is extremely thankful and respectful, and the kids are not different. They enjoy each moment and play around with whoever want to be their friend. Once you meet them you won’t want to leave them